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We starterd with ideas on  the phone app and messed round with shapes and we came up with the idea of pong the game. We started making shapes and colours n then we used boomlean logic & veriables to create and animate shapes.

image art photo

Today we did gimp by using some old photos is likes a photo shop.By changing the old photos and make them a new style using heal tool and the clone tool.


 Today we have learned how to manipulate pictures of Mr Dirar,  and some other old images using the Gimp programme.

It was so interresing, we have enjoied it.

City of Mamadou

today we did a video game between four people separet by two. One from the other two people close his eyes. Then the other one find something and came back took his friend’s bring him from that thing he find then tell opene your eyes. Look at this and remember that . Then the other ask him what i show you.


Today we have learned how  to upload videos on youtube, which was great, and interresting, as well as we have played a game which ivolved closing our eyes and someone  lead us to something he or she had viewed.




Today’s Class

Today we had an intersting class. We played a game, in pairs, where we had to guide our partner (blindfolded) to an interesting architectural feature of a street and show it to them and vice versa. This was used to shoot some footage which we uploaded to YouTube.The game was fun but a bit unnerving having to trust another person as your eyes.

We continued looking at social networking and the ways in which the Black-E can use them to market themselves.



I designed it in a PSD class, to show my friends what i did in the Black-E




Today we have learned how to use the sketchup programme, it was interresting specially to put our conepts into a three dimensional forms.