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Testing our games

Today the group created custom icons for their PONG games.
They created the icons in Gimp and transferred the games to my phone to test that the icons would appear and that the games would open which they did.


Next week we will be looking at ways to make the games resize themselves tso that they play well on any sized device .


More importantly, we will be starting to think about how we can “upside down” Pong turning it from a competitive game into  something much more cooperative and creative, can’t wait.




Pong Meets Android

Today we continued to work on our pong project.

We had created Icon images to be used as icon shortcuts to the pong game. We had created them using “GIMP”, and is was sized to different screen ratios –  tablet, pc, phone ect

Having then added the images to the pong file folder, we were  able to upload our work onto an Android enabled phone.

The project successfully went onto the phone, and work, but it still needs a bit of “tweaking” to make it work nicely.

icon for pong

Today we continued with the pong game app we made icons for the app and uploaded them on to a phone.

Android icon

We used gimp to take the icons image to the androind mobile phone.We designed our own logo.

Tweaking with Pong

Today, I continued to tweak and  build upon the pong game.

I have added some new “if” variable coding, which will change the size of the ball when the players’ scores  reach a certain number. I think adding this feature makes the game more of a challange and more entertaining.

Pong continued…

Today I was really tired so I didn’t do that much.

I managed  to get Pong working as a 2 player game, I created a second bat and score keeper and made sure that my coding didn’t overlap.

I then googled pictures of pretty people with Haley.

After explaining bike culture and Sons of Anarchy to Haley I went on and played on other peoples games to see what processing is capable of

Bradhadir is still mean!

Here is my Pong so far…


I still need to scale my sketch and simplify the program.

more pong

today leslie helped me catch up on my prosseing as i have missed to seshions…i found leslies help very usefull and cort up a lil more..thank you leslie 🙂


We are still carrying on to learn processing, todays session was about how to create a game using processing.

We have found it enjoyable, and I hope in the next sessions we can create a game.

Return of Pong

We have finally finished making our version of the game “pong”.

After completing it, I shown it to an audience and we played each other to test the game.

It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed it. It was also very beneficial when they had given our class feedback of what they thought of the game.

I think that me and the other class members can use these pointers to further develop the game some more, and make the game even better.

We add the  score onscreen.We add how faster the ball move on the side of the bat. Somtimes when we add the code it works nice, but sometimes when we add the code it makes you confused.