‘You can get there from here’ was series of courses exploring creative approaches to games, using digital media.

Students aged between 16-25 have attended weekly sessions at the Black-E run by media artists Neil Winterburn & Dave Roberts, supplemented by web design session by Karl Eversley.

The project spanned 4 courses

Introduction to creative IT

This 10 week course was run 5 times & accessed by all 26 participants

This course covered

  • Setting up & managing blogs
  • Making Dynamic Presentation with Prezi
  • Graphic Design using GIMP
  • Image manipulation using GIMP
  • Logo design using GIMP
  • File management

3D Design

This 10 week course run 3 times & was accessed by 14 participants

This course covered…

  • Introducing 3D design using SketchUp
  • Designing imaginary architecture using SketchUp
  • Advanced 3D design using Blender
  • Character design using Blender
    • Digital Co-Working


Introduction to game design

This 10 week course was run once & accessed by 12 participants

This course covered…

  • Introduction to programming concepts
  • Placing 3D models in game worlds
  • Designing levels
  • Programming simple game interactions
  • Programming complex games based on a Zombie epidemic model
  • Testing games with other users

Advanced game design & mobile app development

This 10 week course was accessed by 8 participants

This course covered…

  • Exploring cooperative gaming
  • Devising cooperative mobile games
  • Introduction to programming using Processing
  • Programming the drawing of images onscreen using Processing
  • Programming Animated objects onscreen using Processing
  • Programming user interactions onscreen using Processing
  • Programming simple games using Processing
  • Programming touchscreen interactions using Processing
  • Developing mobile applications using Processing
  • Programming mobile games using Processing
  • Testing games with other users



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