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Multi touch images on tablet

Today we altered some coding to make images appear on an android based tablet. This was done by using processing to create and upload a multi touch sketch onto the tablet and then using our fingers to make the images appear.

Hayleys multitouch drawing app


Leslies Multitouch drawing app


Mammadous multitouch drawing app

Images in Processing

Today we learnt how to insert images into processing.

This is the image I added to myprocessing sketch. I had originally edit the image in “GIMP” and have altered some of it’s characteristics to make it animated in Processing. On a side note I would like to mention, I got this image  from the internet, and I do not claim it is my own. I used it for educational purposes only.

Simplifiying Processing Functions

Today we have worked on simplyfying code functions in Processing.

We did this by putting some of the function coding into their own sections, and then writing some refferance coding in the “Void Draw”” section. This process does the same features as without reffering, but it stops all the coding looking crammed together.

Pong “now with sound”

Today I added sounds to Pong,  in certain parts of the game.

Using free sounds effects, I have given the ball a sound on impact against the borders and the bat a sound on impact with the ball.

I did this by using an audio function which reacts upon impact situations.

Have a look at the game below..

Pong Meets Android

Today we continued to work on our pong project.

We had created Icon images to be used as icon shortcuts to the pong game. We had created them using “GIMP”, and is was sized to different screen ratios –  tablet, pc, phone ect

Having then added the images to the pong file folder, we were  able to upload our work onto an Android enabled phone.

The project successfully went onto the phone, and work, but it still needs a bit of “tweaking” to make it work nicely.

Tweaking with Pong

Today, I continued to tweak and  build upon the pong game.

I have added some new “if” variable coding, which will change the size of the ball when the players’ scores  reach a certain number. I think adding this feature makes the game more of a challange and more entertaining.

Return of Pong

We have finally finished making our version of the game “pong”.

After completing it, I shown it to an audience and we played each other to test the game.

It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed it. It was also very beneficial when they had given our class feedback of what they thought of the game.

I think that me and the other class members can use these pointers to further develop the game some more, and make the game even better.

Pong Processing

Today we progressed with making the pong game by creating most of the fundamentals of the game.


On the left hand side of the screen is all of the coding used to make this project. I have commented each line of code to give a brief overview of what it does and to make it more understandable.

More Processing Power

Today’s class involved working using “Processing”.

We were able to write some  coding to make a kind of “Paint” program/application.

Processing with Processing

Today we had an introductionary class on using the software “Processing”. It’s a multimedia, multi-platform program and is primarily used to create apps for the “Android” smart phone.

Using Processing, I have created basic shapes and alterations using a coding structure and create simple animations.