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processing image

Today we did brought images from google and brought into processing, we also signed up to processing website.

Table tennis


Today we played some differant type of games with a table tennis bat and ball.We played as well a game on the floor to keep the ball in the air with two people hit the ball to each other,everytimes the ball hit the floor we put a star on the floor where the ball hit.

Android icon

We used gimp to take the icons image to the androind mobile phone.We designed our own logo.

We add the  score onscreen.We add how faster the ball move on the side of the bat. Somtimes when we add the code it works nice, but sometimes when we add the code it makes you confused.

image art photo

Today we did gimp by using some old photos is likes a photo shop.By changing the old photos and make them a new style using heal tool and the clone tool.