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City of Mamadou

today we did a video game between four people separet by two. One from the other two people close his eyes. Then the other one find something and came back took his friend’s bring him from that thing he find then tell opene your eyes. Look at this and remember that . Then the other ask him what i show you.



I designed it in a PSD class, to show my friends what i did in the Black-E




The big picture represents the scientific method, all the night I’m always thinking about the

The scientific people’s and how they made all these things in this Word.

This image represent the past, the picture on the top right.

The image on the top left represent a basketball player that I’m a fan of, he is called Coby Bran.

I designed this by using Gimp.

Prezi and blender

I learnt how to use blender .Blender is a very interesthin

g 3D program for young people I enjoyed, it’s very good.

presentation game

I enjoyed the talk about the presentation program prezi and the the Black-E games we played.