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Ping Pong Percussion

We were playing table tennis and having a mess around with the rules of the game the other week.
We didn’t have enough bats to play in pairs, so I suggested we raided the kitchen for some pots and pans.

Here’s what it sounded like, sound recording by Mammadou.





Variations on Pong

Here are some very short videos of ideas to change Pong.

The group used wooden blocks to visualize how the games might work.

Becki’s idea for a variation on Pong with a dot to dot drawing

Leslies’ idea for a variation on Pong mixed with pinball & dominos

Becki’s idea for a variation on Pong with a dot to dot drawing

Game review

Today we played different variations of Table Tennis.



Traditional Table Tennis

The game of table tennis as we all know it, 1 v’s 1 or as doubles.

Here is how the group rated it..

Cooperation 5

There is freedom of movement, more than there is in Pong.

There is a degree of coperation because you are agreeing to cooperate to play the game in the first place, but you are then competing against each other.

You have to have someone else, yu can’t play it by yourself.

If you are playing doubles you are playing as a team.

Creativity 1

It’s very simplistic isn’t it, if something gets thrown at you you are going to hit it away.

You might have to be creative to out fox your opponent, e.g. to do a move that surprises them, but this isn’t much creativity.

Fun 7

It reminds me of childhood, and it is quite competitive. Competitiveness is

It’s simple and people are so stressed these days it’s important to be able to be childish, to have the chance to be able to have a chance to be 5 years old again, every now and then.

Table Tennis with pans

We wanted to play doubles but were short of bats to play with, so we had a root around the kitchen and found a frying pan, a tray and some tupperware lids.

Here is the groups review…

Cooperation 5
Creativity 2

The idea of using other things than a bat was more creative.

Fun 8

Because it gives an extra challenge and makes funny noises.

Unmistakable table tennis

This is an upside down version of keepy uppy, using table tennis bats and a table tennis ball.¬† The aim is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible, taking it in turns to tap the ball to each other. When a ‘mistake’ is made and the ball hit’s the floor, you place a star exactly where the ball landed, so as the game develops the trace of the mistakes turn into something potentially beautiful.

Mammadou developed this idea further last week by suggesting that we use the stars on the floor as the basis for a new artwork, joining the stars with chalk lines and finding something in the pattern.

Today the group found a giant speech bubble.

Here is the groups review…

Cooperation 7
Creativity 5
Fun 5

Brickbreaker table tennis

We also played an upside down version of Table tennis as suggested by Bill Harpe.

In this version you play with the table placed against a wall, striking the ball at the wall as in squash,

Before playing the game, stick a grid of post it notes to the wall, Two players take it in turns to hit the ball against the wall, aiming to keep a rally going, but more importantly aiming to hit the post it notes.

Two referees stand either side of the table, quickly removing each post it note as it is struck.

The game continues until all of the post it notes are removed.

Here is the groups review…

Cooperation 2

When we were playing we were playing quite independently, we didn’t communicate that much.

We were just working to get as many stickers as we can, we weren’t really working together.

Creativity 7
Fun 8

Testing our games

Today the group created custom icons for their PONG games.
They created the icons in Gimp and transferred the games to my phone to test that the icons would appear and that the games would open which they did.


Next week we will be looking at ways to make the games resize themselves tso that they play well on any sized device .


More importantly, we will be starting to think about how we can “upside down” Pong turning it from a competitive game into¬† something much more cooperative and creative, can’t wait.




Feedback from the ‘Company of Friends’

At the end of our session today, we invited 3 people from the ‘Company of Friends’ theatre group to come and look at the progress of our games so far.

We were lucky, they really enjoyed them, giving us some good reviews and suggestions for how they could be improved in future.



“They’re not really ready yet though are they?”

“I’d give it 70.”

Suggestions to improve the games.

“It would be good if there were a net.”

“You should make it two player.”

“What if there were different colours on the screen and the ball bounced off and did different things when it hit the colours?”