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Return of Pong

We have finally finished making our version of the game “pong”.

After completing it, I shown it to an audience and we played each other to test the game.

It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed it. It was also very beneficial when they had given our class feedback of what they thought of the game.

I think that me and the other class members can use these pointers to further develop the game some more, and make the game even better.

We add the  score onscreen.We add how faster the ball move on the side of the bat. Somtimes when we add the code it works nice, but sometimes when we add the code it makes you confused.

Feedback from the ‘Company of Friends’

At the end of our session today, we invited 3 people from the ‘Company of Friends’ theatre group to come and look at the progress of our games so far.

We were lucky, they really enjoyed them, giving us some good reviews and suggestions for how they could be improved in future.



“They’re not really ready yet though are they?”

“I’d give it 70.”

Suggestions to improve the games.

“It would be good if there were a net.”

“You should make it two player.”

“What if there were different colours on the screen and the ball bounced off and did different things when it hit the colours?”

Making a Pong- but not a smelly one! :-D

Oh how immature of me! Hehe. Right, I’ve continued working on my Pong game today and have added a “score board” and programmed it so that the ball and bat speed up when they hit each other, which leads to some funny results as they whizz round the screen!

Making a Pong- but not a smelly one! :-D

Pong Processing

Today we progressed with making the pong game by creating most of the fundamentals of the game.


On the left hand side of the screen is all of the coding used to make this project. I have commented each line of code to give a brief overview of what it does and to make it more understandable.


We have been working on creating the game ‘pong’


So far I have keyboard control over the bat, varying speed of the ball, made the ball bounce of the bat, and am working on setting up a scoreboard.


Today we have learned how to use processing, it was wonderful and interesting.

More Processing Power

Today’s class involved working using “Processing”.

We were able to write some  coding to make a kind of “Paint” program/application.

Processing with Processing

Today we had an introductionary class on using the software “Processing”. It’s a multimedia, multi-platform program and is primarily used to create apps for the “Android” smart phone.

Using Processing, I have created basic shapes and alterations using a coding structure and create simple animations.

Today we discussed processing using which is owned by google and you can also design andorid systems using this software we design are own paint progarm and changed and moved and edited different types of coding heres a picture of one bit of the coding form: