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The big picture represents the scientific method, all the night I’m always thinking about the

The scientific people’s and how they made all these things in this Word.

This image represent the past, the picture on the top right.

The image on the top left represent a basketball player that I’m a fan of, he is called Coby Bran.

I designed this by using Gimp.

personal montage.

The nacked woman represents the village where i was born, because her tribe is the orignal tribe of my village. The meal represents my name as Dirar in my language means dinner. The pencil drawing represents my skill of drawing. The military officer represents one of my future ambition, and the Bob Marley immage rerpresents my love of music, and the last picture showing people demonstrating as well one of my fture ambitions of being a chemical designer.

this work was done in a programme called Gimp. Gimp is a programme i hope to learn.


Today i have gone over the prisoners dilema which i found comical, also i have designed a mood board on gimp (software) i enjoyed this and it was good to get more experience at using this type of programme

today we have …

Today we have done gimp 2 which was fantastic. I think it is good to have it as a background, because in the future i will learn photoshop. as well as we have done the prisoner`s dilemma which was even fantastic.