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Modelling termite mound in StarLogo

The word for Termite Mound in Tigrinya is guila and termite is filho.

it was very good programme, it tests your ability of thinking carefully to construct a termite mound.

First day of the computer course

Theres four of us in the group which is a mixture of gender, we started of the day with the two tutors explaining what we would do on the course and how long it last for. After the teaches finished explaining we played a little group game which was really fun. Having finished the game we then got on to doing some work, the tutors introduced us to prezi, which is similar to powerpoint it allows us to create a a presentation similar to what you can do on powerpoint but being more creative. We also used starlogo programme which was very interesting as it enables you to create your on game.

First day

Hi all! It was nice meeting you. 🙂 I like Prezi- I’m thinking of converting my laptop to Linux- Windows is slow and virus prone so who knows? Star Logo was interesting but it’ll take some getting used to and the games were fun!


I did Prezi program and it is good. I’d like to say somthing i enjoydoing prezi and you can creat like me something intersting.