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icon for pong

Today we continued with the pong game app we made icons for the app and uploaded them on to a phone.

Tweaking with Pong

Today, I continued to tweak and  build upon the pong game.

I have added some new “if” variable coding, which will change the size of the ball when the players’ scores  reach a certain number. I think adding this feature makes the game more of a challange and more entertaining.

Pong continued…

Today I was really tired so I didn’t do that much.

I managed  to get Pong working as a 2 player game, I created a second bat and score keeper and made sure that my coding didn’t overlap.

I then googled pictures of pretty people with Haley.

After explaining bike culture and Sons of Anarchy to Haley I went on and played on other peoples games to see what processing is capable of

Bradhadir is still mean!

Here is my Pong so far…


I still need to scale my sketch and simplify the program.