Creating a custom header

Creating a custom header for a WordPress Blog
You will need to have
Set up a account

Each WordPress has a ‘Header’.
The ‘Header’ a space at the top of your Blog.
It is always there, no matter what page you are on.
It works like the headline of a newspaper, it can be an
image or words, or both.
1) Go to the top left hand corner of your blog. Place your mouse
on the name of your site, a menu should drop down. Click on

2) You should now see a side bar.
3) Click on ‘Appearance’.

4) Click on ‘Themes’


5) At the top of the page, there will be a list of things that you
can change in the Theme.
6) Click on ‘Header’



7) Click on the ‘Upload’ button.


8) Find an image you want to use for the header for your Blog. Then
click ‘open’.



9) ‘Headers’ are much wider than they are long. You cannot shoose the
size of your ‘Header’. You must choose which part of the picture to be
used for the ‘Header’. Do this by clicking and dragging the light
rectangle around the photo.


10) When you are happy with the image click ‘Crop and Publish’.


11) You should now see the ‘Header’ at the top of your Blog.

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