HTML resources

Here is a list of useful resources for learning HTML code.

PS: Coding can be used in a majority of ways, from beginner to advanced, and is very useful in + other blogging and CMS platforms.

(Just came across this one. It seems to all teach wordpress, Drupal and Joomla coding)

FTP clients: These programs are used to transfer files used on a new website, and Is the primary source for all important sections; Whole website colouring, capabilities like how many sidebars you can insert, video capabilities and sources ect.

A good one I would recommend is FileZilla.

This is a free program.There are no time restrictions and I think can be used both personal and commercial since I also think it’s open source.

Another good program is called FireBug. It is a Mozilla Firefox function which allows a user to edit any webpage, in real-time in whatever way they want.

ex: Change background color, text color, border parameters like border effects

It’s a free software, and it’s very useful when making websites as it’s  quicker than uploading through FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) and it makes things much easier.

URL: Go to mozilla website and go through and look for Firefox plugin extension.

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