Looking around Gimp

To download the .PDF version of this guide click here.


Open the ‘Gimp’
Open the file ‘neil here.xcf’ or some other image file.

You should see 3 windows.

To the left is the toolbox, you can use the tools here to design your image.
In the middle is the picture you are working on we call this the

To the right is the layers window
• Gimp lets us place images on different layers.
• Layers are like sheets of plastic that you can see through.
• Each of the images on the design below is on a different
• You can turn them on or off by clicking the ‘eye’ button to the
left of each layer in the layers window.
In the toolbox, click twice on the magnifying glass.

Click on the image you are working on to Zoom In.

Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ button on your keyboard and click to Zoom Out
Moving things
In the Layers Window
Select a layer you would like to move.
In the Toolbox, click twice on the button that looks like a cross.
Click on the image that you would like to move, keep your finger
down on the mouse & move the mouse to where you would like
the image to go.

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