Mobile App development

This page isn’t yet live, we are using it to share our research on mobile app development tools.


Android App inventor by Google & MIT

Free Android app builder

Mobile app testing & emulating

HyperNext Рlooks to be a very promising visual interface to build aps with. Free as a trial version, full version is $59.00 (about £37). PC only.


Tersus – Looks promising – Visual Programming Language – free

Processing for Android

I think this could be a goer, using an Android emulator you can create sketches in Processing that will work on Android

Project home page & wiki

Processing for Android tutorial

Here is a visual interface to create Processing Programs (mac only unfortunately)

Distributing android apps to the android market

Multitouch on Android for Processing

Multitouch, allows you to choose different interactions for 1 – 5 finger touch




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