Selecting images in Gimp

Open ‘The Gimp’


Open an image you want to select part of.
In the toolbox go to the ‘intelligent scissors’ tool. This helps us choose some parts of an image and not others.



We are going to draw around the part of the image we want to choose.

Click on the image where you want to start your outline.
Move the mouse around a bit and click again.
Keep doing this until you have drawn around your image.
If there is a part of your line that is wrong you can either…
• Click on the dot to move it.
• Add another dot by clicking on the line.



When you have gone all the way around, click back on the dot that you started on.

Press enter to change the line you have drawn around the shape into a ‘Selection’ it should look like this.



Copy your selection by going to ‘edit/copy’



In the ‘Layers Window’ click on the ‘New Layer’ button. It is near the bottom left & looks like a piece of paper.



Paste your image into the new layer by going to ‘Edit/Paste’



In the Layers Window click on the Anchor button.
It is at the bottom right of the window, to the left of the ‘bin’ button.


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