To download this post as a worksheet click here create prezi

Go to

If you haven’t already, set up an account with Prezi

If you have already made a Prezi, you should see it on your home screen.

We are going to create a new Prezi, click ‘New Prezi’.

In the window that pops up, write the title, add a description if you want to, and click ‘New Prezi’

You will see a screen like this. Choose a ‘Blank’ Prezi from the templates menu and close the tutorial.

Click anywhere onscreen and type the name of your presentation.

Once you are happy you have checked the spelling, click ‘o.k.’

You can click & drag to move around the page.
You can press the mouse wheel forwards and back to zoom in and

Click on your new text once, you should see something like this, it is called a ‘Zebra’.

You use this to move, resize, rotate and edit anything in Prezi.
Have a go at resizing, moving and rotating your text.

You more text if you like.

At the top left of your screen you should see a blue set of circles.

Click on the circle with the word ‘Insert’ in it.

To add an image click on the white circle with the word ‘Image’ in it.
Navigate to an image you would like to bring into your Prezi and click ‘open’.

Add a mixture of words and pictures.

Have a look around your Prezi by clicking and dragging & zooming in and out with the mouse wheel.

Prezi saves what you do automatically quite regularly, but you can use the menu panel at the top of your screen to ‘save’, ‘undo’ and ‘exit’.

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