Setting Themes

Changing your Blog theme.
You will need to have
Set up a account

Each WordPress blog looks the way it does because it has a ‘Theme’.

The stuff that your blog is made up of, words, images, movies, links, is called content.

The Theme is the name we give for the way that
the content on your blog is designed to look.
Changing the theme will change the colours, the text, where the text is placed, and where the different content goes.
If you choose one theme your main menu might go to the right of your page, if you choose another it might be placed at the
bottom of the page.
We can use Themes to dress up your website
in different ways.
1) Go to the top left hand corner of your blog. Place your mouse
on the name of your site, a menu should drop down. Click on

2)  You should now see a side bar.
3) Click on ‘Appearance’.
4) Click on ‘Themes’
5) You can now ‘try on’ different Themes and decide if you like how they look. If you want to ‘try on’ a Theme, either.
a. Click on the picture of it.
b. Click ‘Preview’

6) When trying on the Theme, you can either.
a. Keep it, by clicking on ‘Activate Theme’ at the top right hand window.
b. Close the preview window, by clicking the ‘X’ at the top left.

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