StarLogo TNG

StarLogo TNG is the next generation of modelling and simulation software, it is also a great tool to develop and prototype games.

It uses user friendly visual programming language that allows users to build computer programs by clicking together ‘Logo Blocks’ in a puzzle based interface design.

StarLogo is referred to as a low entry level – high ceiling programming environment, as although beginners find it very easy to use, it can also be used to create very sophisticated games and simulations.

As well as a great easy to use game design engine, StarLogo TNG is also used to create simulations of Complex Systems, such as flocking birds, traffic jams or chemical reactions.

We will be using StarLogo TNG to create simulations of Zombie infestations and then turning these simulations into games.

Screenshots from previous Zombie computer games.

You can download StarLogo TNG from the M.I.T.  STEP Education Centre for free by signing up for an account here.

The software comes with extensive documentation and some really interesting sample projects which are well worth looking at.

As well as the guides on this website, the StarLogo TNG website has a great set of tutorials.

Here are a set of tutorial guides designed by M.I.T.  STEP Education Centre .

SLTNG Quick Start Guide

Navigating Spaceland2011

How to Edit Breeds



How to import models in StarLogo TNG 1-5 sketchup


How to keep track of the high score

game element ideas + tutorials

Termites Activity

More worksheets

keyboard controls

trait change


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