Transforming with Gimp

Open the ‘Gimp’

Open the file ‘neil here.xcf’, or another image file.

In the Layers Window select the layer that you would like to change.

Select the ‘rectangle’ tool by clicking on it twice.

Click to the top left of the image you want to change.

Keep the mouse held down & drag across until the rectangle covers the whole image.

Go to ‘Tools/Transform Tools/Scale’

A rectangle should appear around the shape you are changing.

Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ button on the keyboard & click on the corner of the rectangle.

Still holding the mouse button down, click & drag to make your shape smaller.

Let go of the mouse & press ‘Enter’ when you are happy with the new size.

In the Layers window, Click on the anchor button which is to the left of the ‘bin’ button.

Use the same procedure to experiment with the other transform tools such as Rotate, Scale, Perspective, Flip etc.

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